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At TLG we are still frustrated that people die in disasters.

And that businesses close.

And that communities never get rebuilt.

There are simple steps that improve resilience. Let us support your forward movement on your preparedness journey!

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Even in 1993, Diane knew that the impacts of disasters didn't have to be catastrophic. With no formal training beyond first aid and CPR, she knew that there was no good reason for people to be dying in disasters.

Then, she traveled the Mississippi valley with her husband and KNEW that she couldn't be in the position again where she wasn't helping to make the world more resilient.

She called to volunteer with one of the disaster response agencies, then she drove to another chapter for training, and she continued to seek training in other areas and from affiliated groups.

Diane was the FIRST non-governmental (NGO) employee to attend training at the Center's for Domestic Preparedness training site in Anniston, AL. She earned her COBRA in live agent training as well as instructor certifications.

This drive for her to learn from all areas of response not only built her awareness and understanding of the systems in an incident; it built her a network of professionals that she works with to this day.

When Diane was RIF'd from a grant funded program at the NGO in 2006, this network immediately sought her support to strengthen their programs. Logsdon Consultation was formed and incorporated (now operating as The Logsdon Group).

Our mission is still to move the preparedness needle.

Every conversation, plan, exercise, and incident strengthen our communities.
TLG focuses on working with organizations who are Ready to be Resilient for the NEXT disaster!

What We'VE learned

preparedness effort need not be complicated....

...BUT, solutions must be incorporated into your everyday work...

so now, we are on a mission to support organizations who, like you, are responsible!

who we serve

Unlike some consulting firms, we can't (and won't) serve "everyone".

Our clients are small - mid-size and recognize that they need support to achieve the level of resilience they know they should have to provide for their community.

Private Industry

Businesses with teams, physical plant, and community must be resilient whether there is a natural or technology incident.
Insurance is good, a plan is better, knowledge and systems are BEST. And they should be in place BEFORE the incident.

Healthcare Industry

Every healthcare provider is under the regulation of either the state and/or Federal agencies as it relates to emergency preparedness compliance.

Our healthcare agency program lowers the average # of survey tags from TWENTY to FOUR.

In less than two years (average).

Taxing Bodies

Local government, academia, and special taxing bodies (township, library, etc.) all face similar yet unique challenges in preparing their segment of the community. This is the client population that we have served since the day we opened our doors in 2006.



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