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Are you prepared for the cost to your community for the impact of the NEXT disaster?

Are your clients/constituents?

Whether we are brand new to considering preparedness as a business process, we have some preparedness efforts in place, or we have survived multiple, large-scale incidents, we can always improve.

The Do Nothing Method is not a solution - it is a liability.

Our A.P.T. Method is for every committed and Ready to be Resilient organization.


Comprehensive EM Support

Assessment and Context


Membership Services

Executive Strategy

For the organization that excels.

The premier resilient organizations have an executive focus on preparedness that includes ongoing focus, a system for assessment, planning and testing, and access to external resources that augment the internal professional elements.

The executive programs can be accessed as individual programs or bundled to provide the most impactful preparedness effort.

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Comprehensive EM Services

EM Program

Your organization is secure in your knowledge and ability to develop and manage an ongoing preparedness program. AND, smart enough to understand that to be truly effective, sometimes, we need an external and critical eye to look at our plans and provide input, support, and professional polish.

We provide comprehensive emergency management services that follow Federal Emergency Management Agency guidelines and meet the criteria for all State of Illinois and Federal oversight bodies.

State of Illinois regulations are EMAP style programming for general EM programs and CMS regulations are a standard across the USA and territories. Even non-CMS healthcare agencies should strive to plan to the CMS and EMAP levels in order to ensure that they are doing the RIGHT THING by their community!



Speaking of...

With 30 years of experience in the emergency management field, and most of those in training, education, and public speaking, you can rest assured that our presentations are relevant and timely.

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For Women







Women consistently tell other women who are entering the field of Emergency Management that it is "a man's world", or it is "difficult to get a job".

At TLG, we have different thoughts about women in EM. Come join our community and help us expand the opportunities through recognition and thoughtful career planning.

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Tom Smith

Smith Training Solutions

"dedicated, selfless professional"

Diane is one of the most dedicated, selfless professionals I know. She spent most of the pandemic volunteering her time and energies helping health care professionals navigate the logistics of the new normal. Behind the scenes she coordinated response and mitigation efforts during the pandemic. It should be noted, she still continues her efforts. She cares about her Rockford Community and region.


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