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I equip individuals and organizations with the tools and strategies to become more resilient and thrive in the face of any challenge.

"I still use the information from the first time I heard you speak..."

Every time I hear Diane speak about preparedness and resilience, I learn something that improves my readiness. Her message is always updated and considers our current environment.

- Ellen C., Deer Park, IL

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Podcast Interviews • Stage Speaking • Guest Workshops

30 Years Experience

Dozens of National Deployments

100s of Talks and Stages

"Great presentation and topic!"

"Phenomenal today at IAEM! Thanks for bringing the important topic of harassment to the EM community. Much needed!!!"

- Jono A, Assistant Professor

Meet Diane

Before I "tripped" into disaster work, I had multiple jobs and life experiences that would have benefited from some preparedness, operations and continuity planning. And it seemed as if each response was the first one - all over again.

Just like others, I work to adjust to an ever-changing disaster landscape.

Sometimes I am asked how I can sleep at night. That is simple (and yet not easy), I keep working to move my community forward in preparedness and move that needle!

That's why I really focus on getting in front of groups of people to share my experience, tools and resources.

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Expert Specialties


Response Functions


Self & Team Care


Individual & Team Preparedness

Sample Speaking Topics

Disaster Team Emotional Wellness

Historic Disasters and Practical Application

Building Options for Active Shooter

Being Prepared - Sensibly

Disaster Functions Systems

Executive Disaster Leadership

Incident Command Application

Volunteer Response Team Training and JIT Skill Building

Your (New) Career in EMA

See Me On Stage

As Seen (2023) In The Community


IL Rural Health Association

Lip Service or Full Service - Self & Team Care


Hanover Twp EM Conference

Lip Service or Full Service - Self & Team Care


IL Emergency Svcs Mgmt Assoc

Lip service or Self Service - Self & Team Care


No IL EM Consortium

Is the Great Dust Bowl on Repeat for 2030?


ADMIT Medical Group

Resolve to be Ready for the New Year!


Del Webb Lifelong Learning

Multiple disaster and history sessions

"Prepared 100%"

I wanted to reach out and thank you. I'm prepared for COVID 19 100 percent thanks to you and the other instructors. I wanted to reach out and say thanks!

- Lance, NJ

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